Multiple Wins at Roses Awards 2018
The 2018 Roses Creative Awards saw the team take home no less than 9 awards across Children’s, Sport and Charities.
Gold – Online Video / Film / Viral Ad for Hey Duggee – Stick!
Silver – Online Ad or Campaign for FA Cup – Dodgy Streams
Bronze – TV/Cinema Campaign for Children In Need – Do Your Thing
Gold – TV/Cinema Commercial Go Jetters – UberMind
Silver – Radio Campaign for Children In Need – Do Your Thing
Silver – Radio Commercial for BBC Three – Sorry Not Sorry
Silver – Copywriting for BBC Sport – Prepare to be Moved
Bronze – Integrated Campaign for Children In Need – Do Your Thing
Bronze – Low Budget for FA Cup – Dodgy Streams
Award Nominations reach far and wide

Testament to the standard of work our creative has been nominated for no less than 26 awards recently – from Best Film Best for The Supporting Act,  through to Best TV/Cinema campaign for Children In Need. Here’s a full list of the current nominations.

Social Video – BBC Make Me

British Arrows
Entertainment Promotion – Supporting Act
Entertainment Promotion – Cbeebies – Difference
Interactive Video Advertising – Make Me

British Arrows Craft
Achievement in Production – Supporting Act, Ken Rodrigues
Production Design – Supporting Act
Animation 3D – Supporting Act
Director –  Supporting Act
Casting – CBeebies – Difference

Creative Circle
Best Film – Supporting Act
Digital Craft- Supporting Act

Online Film/Video/Ad: Stick!
Online Ad/Campaign: Stick!
Online Ad/Campaign: FA Cup, Forget Dodgy Streams
TV/Cinema Campaign: Children In Need
TV/Cinema Commercial Produced for £20k or less: CBeebies, UberMind
TV/Cinema Commercial under 21 seconds: Children In Need, Have You Got Yours Yet
TV/Cinema Commercial over 21 seconds: Children In Need, Everyone’s Got One
TV/Cinema Commercial over 21 seconds: CBBC, Own It
Radio Campaign: Children In Need, Do Your Thing
Radio Commercial: BBC Three, Sorry, Not Sorry
Copywriting: FA Cup, Winner Stays On
Copywriting: BBC Sport, Prepare To Be Moved
Illustration/Animation: CBeebies, UberMind
Illustration/Animation: CBeebies, Christmas
Integrated Campaign: Children In Need, Do Your Thing
Low Budget: FA Cup, Forget Dodgy Streams