BBC One – Oneness

BBC One is the nation’s favourite channel and has its finger on the pulse of a fast changing modern Britain. We decided to celebrate this by commissioning Martin Parr, one of the most celebrated documentary photographers of our time, to create idents from a series of portraits that represent the rich diversity of communities living in the UK today. ‘Oneness’ is a year- long collaboration that reflects BBC One’s role in bringing the nation together with unmissable programmes and events and celebrating all the things we share and have in common.

Martin Parr

Working with Britain’s best known documentary photographer, Martin Parr, we set out across the UK in search of groups united by a singular passion; from wild swimming to urban skating and bird watching creating living portraits of the Nation in all its glorious diversity.

  •  BBC One, Oneness, Wheelchair Rugby, Llantrisant, Photographer: Martin Parr

Assistant Photographers

In addition to Martin’s images each shoot brought through a different student photographer to capture the moments behind the scenes.

  • BBC Oneness - Sea Kayakers, Photographer: MYRID CARTEN
  • BBC Oneness - Exercise Class, Photographer: POLLY ALDERTON
  • BBC Oneness, Birdwatchers, Rainham, Photographer: NAILA ZAHOOR
  • BBC Oneness - Mountain Rescue, Photograph
  • BBC Oneness - Bhangra, Photographer: DOUGLAS MCCAFFREY
  • BBC Oneness - Allotment, Smethwick, Photographer: MILO LETHORN

Up close with martin

With Martin Parr doing so much work for the Oneness campaign it seemed only right that we got an official BBC portrait done of one the world’s most famous portrait photographers. With that in mind we thought we’d scare one of our freelance photographers by suggesting the commission. Richard Ansett rose marvellously to the challenge as ever, and was only slightly fazed by the idea. Martin invited us down to his east London office/studio where we shot the images. Martin was a very willing subject, even with a cold and odd socks.