BBC Creative collaborate with Parris Goebel to launch CBBC’s new campaign ‘Find Your Tribe’

BBC Creative collaborate with Parris Goebel to launch CBBC’s new campaign ‘Find Your Tribe’


BBC Creative, the BBC’s in house creative team, will be launching a new campaign for CBBC called “Find Your Tribe” which will showcase CBBC’s content and demonstrate that it has something for every child – no matter what they’re into.

The trail, which will first be seen this Saturday the 19th August on the CBBC channel, was choreographed by award winning dancer, artist and director Parris Goebel who is most famous for working with Rhianna, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. Parris rehearsed with 40 children for three days before the shoot itself, which lasted two days at a dance studio in Fulham, London.

Mina Patel,  Creative Head said: “The brief was to make CBBC relevant to their older demographic of 10-12 year olds, so we created a campaign called Find Your Tribe to show the variety of content that CBBC has.

“Five tribes were created for the 60” trail, which was made in the style of a music video. The Darers: who aren’t afraid to try anything and are the sporty, cool kids you’d recognise at school. The Giggleators: they are the jokers, always laughing and playing practical jokes. The Imagineers: the kids that love to perform, whether it be acting on stage or singing to their friends. The Quizzicals: the ever curious who are always asking questions and finally, the Trenders: these kids are the first to know what’s going on and the first to know about the latest cool thing.”

Jules Middleton, Creative, said: “Parris choreographed Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” music video which has over 2.5 billion hits and is the third most watched video on YouTube, so it was a real treat that she wanted to collaborate with us on her first directorial debut.”

The trail will be played across BBC TV, in UK Cinema’s and online.

The music is Dibby Dibby Sound by DJ Fresh Vs Jay Jay feat Ms Dynamite.


Creatives: Sarah Fox and Jules Middleton
ECD: Aidan McClure
Creative Head: Mina Patel
Producer: Anne-Marie Small
Creative Producer, Photography: Chris Hill
Head of Marketing – Jamie Dodds
Marketing Manager – Helen Alder
Marketing Executive – Laura Sullivan