BBC iPlayer ‘Like Nowhere Else’

BBC iPlayer’s unique role in British culture and unparalleled combination of Live and On Demand content make it a streaming destination like nowhere else. A place with live moments we remember forever, and shows, past and present, that seamlessly become part of UK culture.

Our ‘Like Nowhere Else’ launch campaign celebrates a glut of iconic Live events and legendary BBC shows; heroing the grand slams, headliners, characters and catchphrases that have become part of our collective consciousness. The campaign remixes these moments in original, irreverent ways, to create something truly unique. Aimed at a generation who haven’t grown up with the broadcaster, the campaign emphasises the BBC’s role in creating iconic cultural moments that transcend its channels and services.

Directed by Yousef, featuring an all-star BBC cast and an army of collaborators and craft techniques – from 3D animation to live action, archive footage, stop motion and illustration.

The Films are supported by a new brand identity, spanning OOH and social, designed by Mirjami Qin and illustrated by Tim McDonagh, Jim Stoten and Benson Chin.