BBC Sounds

BBC Creative and BBC Sounds have teamed up to launch a new campaign designed to promote everything BBC Sounds has to offer across music, radio and podcasts.

The new campaign will promote the power of BBC Sounds through a film which will run across BBC linear channels and radio, an Out-Of-Home (OOH) campaign and on BBC social media platforms.

The film shows people carrying out everyday activities but with some distinct reality-bending differences as they’re moved by the power of BBC Sounds. These creative exaggerations reveal the impact that listening to BBC Sounds can have on people.

In the film, one person is seen in a meditation-like pose levitating horizontally on a bus stop, whilst in another scene a pair of school girls’ bodies’ stars to visibly blend as they listen to music together.

As the film continues, one person leaves a trail of positive energy as she dances through the street with headphones on, and another is seen levitating in the air.

The film finishes in an internet café as objects are seen magically floating around the customers inside and dancing figures spread across the ceiling.

Helen Rhodes, Executive Creative Director, BBC Creative, said: “It’s no secret that audio has the power to move us in the most wonderful ways, but with a unique offering of expertly curated music, radio and podcasts the BBC Sounds app has more authority than most to stick a flag in the ground of this claim.”

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