I May Destroy You

I May Destroy You covers sexual assault, racism, gender politics, sexuality and class head on.
It’s not pretty, but it’s important. Our campaign allowed the audience to continue discussions about sex and consent beyond the screen.

From stealthing, to threesome trickery, to outright rape – I May Destroy You allows us to discuss the multifaceted layers that come with sex and consent. Layers that we’re not always taught about in school or by our parents or even our friends. It allows us to see different ways of dealing with such trauma and most importantly – opens up room for discussions to happen – without judgement.

This gallery aims to start those discussions and give power and platform to the voices that so often go unheard. The letters in the exhibition have been inspired by conversations sparked by ‘I May Destroy You’, between real people online sharing their own stories.  By using ‘Dear Bob/Barbara’ – like in the show – we keep the anonymity of both victim and perpetrator and create a collective voice making room for everyone to heal, discuss and most importantly, learn.

It’s time to start talking.